Introducing Michi Michi @ Arena Curve, Bayan Lepas, Penang, where the you can now enjoy our Jade Perch.

Discover Penang's unique Japanese Restaurant, priding itself on being MSG and salt-free. Specializing in handmade ramen, you have the freedom to personalize your dish by selecting the soup base, ramen noodles, level of spiciness, and desired toppings. Don't miss out on their Kyushu Ramen Tonkotsu, featuring a delightful combination of rich pork bone broth and perfectly chewy ramen noodles. Their Tonkutsu ramen soup is cooked more than 10 hours by their chef.

For curry enthusiasts, the Curry Bowl awaits, boasting a sumptuous and flavorsome curry complemented by sticky rice for a satisfying texture. Indulge in a wholesome and customizable dining experience like no other!


JC1.Pork Katsu Curry Omurice
Deep fried pork cutlet served with garlic fried rice & tornado omelette 

RM 36.80

JC2.Ebi Katsu Curry Bowl
5pcs tempura prawn 

RM 38

JC3.Curry Gyoza Bowl

RM 31.20

JC4.Curry Soft Shell Crab Bowl
Tempura soft shell crab 

RM 34.60

JC6.Tori Karaage Curry Bowl
Deep fried boneless chicken pieces 

RM 30.10

JC5.Katsu Curry Bowl
Deep fried pork/chicken/fish 

from RM 30.10

JC5.Katsu Curry Bowl
Deep fried pork/chicken/fish 

from RM 30.10

Ramen scene has reached new heights with an array of options to choose from. This newly opened spot near Olive Tree Hotel offers Japanese Ramen with a modern twist. Their menu boasts not only Japanese Ramen but also an assortment of Japanese Rice Bowls, Tempura, Grills, chawanmushi, miso soup, grilled saba, agedashi tofu, shishamo, fry mushroom,  dumplings, tamago yaki ice cream, takoyaki, sushi and light snacks. The interior decor exudes a more modern cafe vibe rather than a traditional Japanese ambiance. If you're open to exploring modern-styled Japanese dishes, it's definitely worth a visit.

A La Carte

Age Gyoza
5pcs. Deep fried chicken dumpling 

RM 15.60

S3.Takoyaki Ball (4pcs)
Octopus ball 

RM 11

S4.Kinoko Butter Yaki
Stir fried mushroom 

RM 13.30

S5.Fry Lady Finger With Chuka Idako
Stir fried seasoned baby octopus with lady finger 

RM 17.80

Yaki Gyoza
5pcs.Pan fried chicken dumpling 

RM 15.60

S7.Yasai Itame
Stir fried assorted vegetables 

RM 14.50

S10.Potato Salada
RM 12.20

RM 14.40

Their Ramen selection is quite extensive, offering various toppings and flavors, including vegetable-infused Ramen, abalone charsiew Ramen, black garlic Ramen, Seafood Ramen, Yaki Anka, Golden Fillet Ramen, Gyoza Ramen, Supreme Gyoza Ramen, Fried Chicken Ramen, Supreme Fried Chicken Ramen. We tried both the Tonkotsu Char Siew Ramen (Rm 18.90) and the Supreme Seafood Ramen (Rm 27.90). The Char Siew Ramen features al-dente Ramen noodles bathed in a rich Pork broth, topped with caramelized Char Siew. On the other hand, the Supreme Seafood Ramen boasts a spicy Pork broth with an abundance of Seafood like Clams, Scallops, and Prawns. For those who enjoy a little spice, certain Ramen dishes come with the option to choose the level of spiciness. 


R2.Seafood Ramen

from RM 38

R3.Fried Chicken Ramen
Whole chicken drumsticks 

from RM 35.80

R1.Chorsin Char Siu Ramen
Char Siu 

from RM 29

Golden Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab Ramen
Fried pumpkin ramen with salted egg sauce served with soft shell crab & topping ebiko 

RM 33.50

Yaki Ramen With Unagi
Fried ramen served with grill unagi,shimeiji mushroom and cherry tomato 

RM 42.40

Yaki Ramen With Smoked Salmon
Fried ramen served with smoked salmon,shimeiji mushroom and cherry tomato 

RM 35.70

golden fillet ramen
Fried Japanese ramen served with fish fillet,shimeiji mushroom,sweet peas and kizami nori

RM 27.90

Yaki Anka
Fried anka ramen served with prawn,squid,assorted vegetables & katsuobushi 

RM 32.40

Their array of sushi choices is vast, encompassing an impressive variety of toppings and flavors, such as charsiew, tamago and kappa, catering to diverse preferences and palates.

Their range of salad choices is vast, providing an array of toppings and flavors to suit every palate, such as aburi yaki salmon salad, michi, fish, chicken, egg, ensuring a delightful dining experience.


Michi Salad
Assorted vegetables,soba,kani,kyuri,ajitsuke tamago,char siu minced,cherry tomato and ebiko

RM 23.40

A2.Soft Shell Crab Salad
Assorted vegetables with soft shell crab 

RM 27.90

A3.Smoked Salmon Salad
Assorted vegetables with smoke salmon

RM 32.40

A4.Kani Salad
Assorted vegetables with kani 

RM 23.40

A5.Smoked Duck Salad
Assorted vegetables with smoke duck 

RM 27.90


A6.Katsu Salad
Assorted vegetables chicken / fish 

from RM 25.60

A7.Mix Nuts Salad
Assorted vegetables with mix nuts 

RM 22.30

A8.Char Siu Salad
Assorted vegetables with Char Siu 

RM 26.80

They have an extensive grilled item selection, providing a wide array of toppings and flavors, such as kushi buta bara, grilled prawn, grilled aubergine, grilled scallopa and grilled oyster catering to various preferences.

Grilled Items

Grill Oyster
3nos. Grill oyster with cheese 

RM 44.70

Grill Hotate (2pcs)
Grill skewered scallop

RM 17.80

Grill Scallop

RM 18.90

Their Japanese Rice Bowls offerings are abundant, presenting a wide range of toppings and flavors to choose from,such as charsiew, curry gyoza, fish, chicken and vegetable catering to diverse preferences.


Kiku Bento
Buta kimchi itame,chicken teriyaki,macaroni salada & Japanese rice 

RM 39.20

Matsu Bento
Chicken katsu,Bulgobi,macaroni salada and Japanese rice

RM 39.20

Fuji Bento
Saba shioyaki,nasu dengaku,macaroni salada and Japanese rice 

RM 33.60

Take Bento
Grill unagi,agedashi tofu,macaroni salada and Japanese rice

RM 54.90

Sakura Bento
Grill salmon,curry tori karaage,macaroni salada and Japanese rice. Served with miso soup

RM 54.90

An Bento
Char Siu,kinoko butter yaki,macaroni salada and Japanese rice. Served with miso soup

RM 33.60

Served with Japanese rice

B1.Oyako Don
Chicken,vegetables and egg 

RM 29

B2.Hotate Bowl
Boiled hotate,vegetable,egg,topping with ebiko

RM 31.20

B3.Grill Salmon Teriyaki Don
Grill salmon 

RM 33.50

B4.Char Siu Don
Char Siu & ajitsuke tamago 

RM 29

B5.Katsu Don
Deep fried pork/chicken/fish, vegetables & egg

from RM 30.10

B6.Una Tama Don
Grill unagi,vegetables and egg 

RM 40.20

B7.Chicken Teriyaki Don
Grill chicken 

RM 31.20

B8.Bulgobi Don
Stir fried pork belly,vegetables,mushroom and egg 

RM 31.20

They have a wide range of fried item options, providing an extensive selection of toppings and flavors, such as fish tempura, vegetables tempura, prawn tempura, calamari tempura and king oyster mushroom tempura catering to various tastes and preferences.


T1.Soft Shell Crab Age
Deep fried soft shell crab 

RM 22.30

T8.Ko Ebi
Deep fried small shrimp 

RM 17.80

Yasai Tempura
Tempura assorted vegetables 

RM 17.80

Tempura Moriawase
Mix tempura prawn,fish,calamari & eggplant 

RM 26.80

Wasabi Shimeiji Karaage
Deep fried mushroom with wasabi 

RM 13.30

They offer an extensive kid's meal selection with a variety of toppings and flavors to choose from, including chicken and egg.

They offer a wide-ranging selection of drinks, featuring an array of flavors to cater to diverse preferences, including Americano, Expresso, Coffee Latte, Coffee Mocha, Ice Blended Mocha, Signature Chocolate, Matcha Latte, Honey Lemon,  Ice Blended Signature Chocolate,  Ice Blended Matcha, Passionfruit Italian Soda, Mix Berry Italian Soda, Rose Cherry Italian Soda, papaya milk and fruit juice.



DT2. Michi Mochi Island
Pandan, peanut, black sesame & red bean

RM 10.90


RM 9.90

Papaya Milk
RM 9.90


Our journey with Michi Michi was truly enriching, providing us with unique insights into the world of Japanese Foods. We gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved, and we are grateful to Michi Michi for offering us this exceptional opportunity.