You can now enjoy our Jade Perch at 宴樂私厨 Yan Yue Banquet Hall @ KL City Centre. 

Upscale restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that offers Chinese cuisine, tea and service. 


5th Floor Quill 6, 6, Leboh Ampang, City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Taste the feast, YAN YUE BANQUET HALL!

When you enter YAN YUE BANQUET HALL, you will feel the extraordinary elegance of the atmosphere, as if you were in a prestigious home. We have a variety of private rooms to meet your different needs, whether it is a family gathering or business banquet, you can find the ideal place.

We are proud to have a team of Chinese chefs, who are dedicated to providing you with authentic Chinese fusion cuisine. Each dish is created with care and attention to detail, blending tradition and innovation to create an amazing feast for your taste buds.

Whether it's spicy chicken, aromatic hot pot dishes, melt-in-your-mouth fish and meat slices, or tantalizing grilled chicken, barbecued meats, and marinated pork, each dish exudes an intriguing sense of flavor.

At YAN YUE BANQUET HALL, we are committed to creating a culinary feast that combines the essence of Chinese cooking with a multicultural fusion to make your dining experience an unforgettable one.

Welcome to YAN YUE BANQUET HALL, a go-to for delicious authentic Chinese fusion cuisine!

Here, you will enjoy the most authentic spicy chicken, spicy with a touch of numbness that will bring back memories. The hot pot dishes are a feast of fresh flavors, and the tender, melt-in-your-mouth grilled fish and sliced meats will leave you in a state of delicious indulgence.

Roasted chicken, grilled meat and marinated pork will make you salivate with their tantalizing aroma. Each dish is carefully cooked, combining the unique flavors of the north and south of China, bringing you a feast of taste.

YAN YUE BANQUET HALL brings together a team of top chefs from China, who carefully select ingredients and cook with care to ensure that each dish will leave you with an unforgettable flavor and a wonderful memory on your taste buds.

Whether you want to share a good time with friends and family or enjoy a prestigious experience during a business banquet, YAN YUE BANQUET HALL is the place for you.

Discover the jewel of Chinese cuisine, YAN YUE BANQUET HALL, offers authentic Chinese fusion cuisine of the South and the North

In this culinary journey of wonders, YAN YUE BANQUET HALL is an ingenious restaurant that presents us with the gem of authentic Chinese fusion cuisine from the South and the North. The Spicy Chicken, spicy with a hint of hemp flavor, is to die for. The hot pot dishes are a mouth-watering collection of fresh flavors.

Not only that, the grilled fish and meat slices are melt-in-your-mouth, delicate and juicy, as if blooming on the tip of the tongue with delicious flowers. The aroma of grilled chicken, grilled meat, and marinated pork is a wonderful treat in every bite.

The chefs here at YAN YUE BANQUET HALL bring together the culinary essence of the north and south, skillfully blending tradition with modernity. Whether it's the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine or the richness of northern cuisine, each dish is unique and memorable.

Spicy Chicken, Hot Pot Fresh Pork, Grilled Fish and Pork Slices, Grilled Chicken, Roasted Pork and Marinated Pork, this place is a perfect representation of authentic Chinese North-South fusion cuisine. Let's explore this unique culinary world together, savoring the essence of Chinese cuisine and the beauty of the fusion of North and South cultures. Let your taste buds and your heart experience this unique culinary feast together!

Come, let's explore the unique charm of authentic Chinese fusion cuisine and let your taste buds enjoy this feast on the tip of your tongue!

Welcome to YAN YUE BANQUET HALL, where you can experience the excellence of Chinese cuisine!